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The Trouble with Red Lipstick

Tessa’s sharp tongue, hot behind, and desire for the finer things in life are competing to see which can cause her the most trouble. Her sister Karen, the educated fool of the family, is a poster child for professional success but has a struggling love life and has recently fallen too easily for the wrong man.


Patricia, the oldest of the three siblings, is bored out of her mind in her twenty-year marriage when she discovers her husband has had an affair—and an illegitimate baby. Emily, the saucy matriarch of the family, is intent on using her guile and the revelation of shocking family secrets to stop her three adult daughters from spiraling into separate crises.

Lock & Key

Sean loves Terri, his devoted wife and mother of their two children, to the moon and back.


But is love ever enough?


Lock & Key is a fun and fast-paced ride that explores the mysteries of marriages gone stale and offers just the right amount of spice to bring them back to life.



Want to know where you can find an exceptional man?  

Ask Lydia, because she always seems to stumble across them.


But as the saying often goes,

be careful what you wish for…

Girl, If I Knew Then What I Know Now

In Girl, If I Knew Then What I Know Now K.J. Dixon mixes modern wisdom with age-old adages to provide you with a dose of the good advice your mother probably gave you- and some of the not-so-good advice that you wish she hadn't.

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