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KJ Dixon

Authoress K.J. Dixon is more than a lover of the literary world. She is a self-improvement guru, gifted storyteller, motivational speaker, listening-ear to her girlfriends, devoted wife and mother. She loves all things festive and fun and lives in Atlanta with her family.


Contact K.J. Dixon to join your next book club meeting or select a book below to instantly transport to her wonderful world of reading.


Enjoy the experience!

Violet Vision Books

In 2016, K.J. Dixon created Violet Vision, a boutique publishing company that proudly presents gifted storytellers (who also happen to be women) to the world.

Available on

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The Trouble With Red Lipstick Cover.jpg
Lock & Key Cover.jpg
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Reader Reviews

The Trouble with Red Lipstick Review

Amazon Customer

"What a powerful narrative about complex familial relationships, reality vs. fiction, and past vs. present."

Lock & Key Review

Stacy B.

"Sexy page turner, keeps the reader wanting more even after the story has ended."

Exceptional Review

Michelle B.

"The full circle transformation of the protagonist can teach us all a very important lesson

about life and love."

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